Growth Drivers for Green Buildings

Taking into account an entire lifespan of a building, built environment is said to be responsible for 25%-40% of energy use, 30%-40% of solid waste generation and 30%-40% of Global Green House Gas Emissions. The Green Buildings and Sustainable Development Movement allows us to discover a whole new green way of life that is steadily emerging globally and within India.

The major growth drivers for Green Buildings globally are:

1. Many companies are interested LEED green building because it is increasingly becoming synonymous with environmental responsibility. 

2. Green building is seen as an important component of corporate social responsibility plans.

3. Many industry personnel view the green building certification process as an opportunity to decrease expenses by implementing energy efficient processes in existing spaces.

4. New government regulations — at the city, state/province and national level — are requiring green building certifications for certain buildings. Most of the recent regulations apply to public buildings but a growing number of governments are creating laws “requiring other building types, including commercial office buildings, to achieve a certain rating under a green building certification program.

At the moment public & commercial building dominates the green certification landscape. Cities looking to attract multinational corporations are driving much of the demand for green building certification in commercial structures.

This interest and growth in green buildings has also led to proliferation of green building rating agencues. Besides, U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED we also have BREEAM in UK and expected to be accepted in Europe, Green Star in Australia and GRIHA in India.

As discussed in my earlier post (LEED vs GRIHA), the various rating agencies bring in their own challenges for developers due to different parameters/process used to rate a green building.

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