Wind Energy in India

Wind Energy has demonstrated its capability in terms of generating  pollution free power and as a  business model (though still somewhat dependent on incentives). Projects, though, still depend on that additional GBI (Generation Based Incentive), carbon credits and now REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) & RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation).

India is today at the 5th position in World Wind Power with total installed capacity of 12GW.  The reason for the growth of this industry in India have been favorable policies including accelerated depreciation, custom duty exemption with the recent addition of GBI and now REC & RPO.

 State-wise installation currently stands as:

Tamil Nadu 41%

Maharashtra 18%

Karnatka 14%

Gujarat 13.5%

Rajasthan 7.4%

Andhra Pradesh 4.2%

According to Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) the predictions of wind power potential in India could be as high as 100 GW on land. With such enormous potential with matured technology, having modular and low gestation period, the wind power projects also have equitable resources distribution in at least 10 states in the peninsular India. 

It is evident that wind power is environmentally benign. It allows any kind of agricultural and other rural developments right at the foot of the wind mill towers without any problems. However, the main challenges would be the requirements of wind forecasting, the development of roads and logistic needs, grid capacity enhancements and declaration of forest areas for wind power development. 

India’s current installation is only 25% of the expected potential of 48GW.  We expect to see wind power development to get a boost in the years to come. 

We are currently working on a 50MW wind power plan. We are looking at Renewable Energy companies looking to diversify into wind/ Strategic Investors/Financial Investors to join us. Location in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.  Debt and PE funding are being worked out.

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