Renewable Energy in SEZs

The Indian Government under the PMO is seriously looking at growing the market & opportunities in the renewable energy space. Another business avenue thrown open is the SEZ sector with the government making it mandatory for all SEZs to power atleast a quarter of their lighting needs with solar energy.

The move on greening of SEZs comes close on the heels of the government lining up a proposal to float market-linked trading tools to incentivise energy efficiency of commercial buildings and establishments to be solar powered.

The goal is to make all new and existing SEZs green as the government wants existing SEZs to go for green certification. Some of the points include

a) At least 25% of the installed external lighting load should be solar powered

b) 2% of estimated energy consumption for each zone should be from solar or other forms of renewable energy and it should be gradually scaled to 20% of total estimated energy consumption in 10 years.

c) All new buildings in SEZs would have to be energy efficient as per the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC).

d) At least 30% of the rain water should be harvested in each tax-free zone. 

e) Use of eco-friendly transportation facility like electric vehicles, CNG, bio-diesel or any other environment friendly fuel.

We are equipped to convert this into an opportunity and are interested to work along with SEZ developers to:

1. Design energy efficient buildings that

a. save construction costs (1%-5%)

b. earn carbon credits

2. Efficient use of renewable energy by integrating it in the design plan itself– solar, wind, waste to energy, micro hydel.

3. Different business models including investors owning the renewable energy component of the SEZ.

4. Equity, Debt (ECB), Carbon financing

5. CDM registeration for the SEZ and for the renewable energy projects

We believe in doing out bit for the environment through sustainble business models where we make the projects financially and environmentally viable.

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2 Responses to Renewable Energy in SEZs

  1. hi

    very interestin gtopic and please accept our thanks for initiating such a valuable discussions.

    we can 2 major points here, which need to be taken in to consideration.

    1. Energy efficient lighting – Offering Solar power to conventional light sources like Tubes and CFL is costly proposition. Also using solar typically for night usage is also not a good solution. we reccomend LED based energy efficient lighting and maximum use of solar power for day time lighting will make the proposals ( and RoI!!) more lucrative.

    2. We also reccomend energy efficient cooling solutions based on ID Evaporative cooling principal, Especially in dry ambient , we offer solutinos at 50% of low energy consumption ( on annualized average) without compramise in comfort.

    we would be keen to understand if together we can take it to concern audiance

    with warm regards.


    • Hello Shamkant
      Thanks for the valuable inputs. Yes I do agree, that solar for night does not currently make economical sense. I am not very much aware of LED and other solutions
      but will let you know if we come across any such opportunities of working together.

      Just to confirm, you are from in Hyderabad and this is Sharad’s company. Am I correct? .


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