Solar Projects in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for wind and solar power manufacturers across the world; with the State bagging maximum number of projects as part of Central government’s ambitious plan of increasing solar power capacity.

Solar Thermal Power

Rajasthan has got five projects of total 400 MW, including three projects of 100 MW each and two projects of 50 MW each

Andhra Pradesh has received only one project for 50 MW and

Gujarat has also got only one project of 20 MW capacity.

Solar Photo voltaic (PV)

21 projects with a total capacity of 105 MW will be developed in Rajasthan

3 projects with a total capacity of 15 MW in Andhra Pradesh, and

2 projects having a total capacity of 10 MW in Karnataka.

1 project of 5MW each in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Orissa

What has worked for Rajasthan is the easy availability of land as compared to other state, where finding big chunk of land is difficult in addition the process of converting agriculture land for industrial purpose is tedious.

The state government is also offering the land for 25 years with industrial purpose and ready on lease for solar power project developers. The best thing is a developer can buy land even before signing power purchase agreement (PPA) without any pre-condition to join Rajasthan solar policy or to go with Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) policy.

Please feel free to contact us for any solar land services in Rajasthan.

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4 Responses to Solar Projects in Rajasthan

  1. Puneet Gupta says:

    We are interested in buying land for Solar Power station in Rajasthan. Can we buy it without falling under the ceiling act? Can we buy it before any kind of governmental approval? If yes, How much time is given to take the necessary governmental approval? What kind of assistance do you provide?


    • Hello Puneet,
      Thanks for writing to us. We can assist in land shortlisting, approvals from the Government for solar power stations, DPR, equity funding, and debt funding (8.5% in INR). Yes you can buy land without any approvals or we can try to work out a government land if possible where the prices are much lesser. Government approvals will take 1-3 months.
      Could you give us some background about your organization?

      I can be reached on 0091-9820789895 (Mumbai).


  2. NASA says:

    Hi,Iam intrested to know the full process of land procurment in Rajasthan for PV solar projects.

    Right from Apna Katha to Collector order to ready for project installation.cost/Her

    I understand it is a big game-laiosoning and lots of rock climbing needs to be done.

    I can be reached on 09867719618 –


  3. Anmol Jain says:


    I am interested in purchasing bulk solar power feasible land parcels. Around 200-300 acres. Kindly give me an approx idea of the current rates. The cheaper the land parcel, more I would buy. The end objective is to collaborate with like minded individuals for JVs. Please reach me on

    Anmol Jain


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