TERI’s TRASH event

TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) along with Tetra Pak had initiated a TRASH (Thinking, Reflecting, and Acting for Sustainable Habitat) festival few days back (13th Jan- 15th Jan) in Mumbai to enlighten the teachers and  students on value of waste management and environmental challenges. The project was also supported by the MET Institution, Mumbai.

I was invited as a speaker on Green Buildings and Energy; which I accepted after some hesitation. The program started with welcome speech from the teachers and coordinators. The presenters include TERI professionals, teachers, Dr.Modak- Executive President of Environment Management Center,  Tushar Shah- Director Daman Ganga, Gaurav Gupta-Partner, Dalbeg Corporation and Founder Climate Project India, Milind Shah from United Vision and me.

Dr.Modak’s presentation on calculating one’s carbon footprinting was a good learning exercise. He showcased Vivek Gelani’s carbon calculation tool. Vivek and I have been trying to work together on off-grid renewable energy model for quite sometime now. I was also impressed by the dedication and efforts of Tushar Shah and his achievements in waste recycling. Daman Ganga is focused on plastic and paper recycling. Gaurav’s presentation on “Money on Trees” was an actual eye-opener – Value of Natural Capital. Thank You Gaurav; I never looked at the valuing Nature the way you explained it.  Milind was the last one to present and since I had to rush for a meeting I missed his presentation.

Overall, it was heartening to know the efforts being put in by TERI, TetraPak,  and the teachers from the different schools. I wish them great success in making the students aware of the environment challenges.

A special Thank You to Monisha Narke for constant interaction on emails to work out the schedule and making us all feel comfortable at the event.

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One Response to TERI’s TRASH event

  1. Nice! Interested in learning more about TRASH and knowing how much of an impact this programme is having on teachers and students in Mumbai.


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