CII- Success Stories on Environment and Sustainability

I attended the conference on “Success Stories on Environment and Sustainability” organized by CII and sponsored by Godrej. The event was at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai on 4th Feb 2011.  The focus was discussion of success stories in environment and sustainability practices and to understand the new trends in profitable sustainability. The event had some very prominent speakers such as

1. Mr.Daruwalla Vice-President (E&E Services) Godrej & Boyce Mfg,

2. Dr.Naushad Forbes, Director Forbes Marshall,

3. Mr.Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman Godrej & Boyce Mfg,  and many others.

It was enlightening to learn about sustainable practices being undertaken by M&M, TCS, Nokia, Cummins and the way these practices have become a part of their daily lives.

Some of the examples are:

1. Nokia is working towards the concept of “one charger”for all its phone; thereby reducing wastage. Nokia phones are also recycled to the extent possible.

2. Cummins does not use fans in its factory and instead have vents that bring in the cool air from the wind tower.

3. TCS has worked on bio sustainability at its 4 campuses across India; creating natural habitat for flora and fauna.

4. Godrej uses recycled parts (some parts) in its appliances such as washing machines and also focuses on designing energy efficient appliances.

I also had an opportunity to meet Senior Director and Head CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Center, Mr.Raghupathy.  We spoke on pushing more of these stories in the media so that real estate developers are aware of the developments and the possibilities of living with nature.  Mr.Raghupathy is also involved in the New India Ventures; an incubation center with focus on clean tech industry.

Mr.Khan from Shree Ram Infrastructure (they are building Palais Royale in Mumbai, the tallest residential green building in India) was also present.

Overall a good learning experience and networking event followed by lunch (sorry Hyatt but I am still a fan of Taj food).

Meanwhile something to think about: if such events make people drive from South Mumbai to Andheri (like my partner Sandeep); then how can we call these events “Green Events”?

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