RenewTech 2011

RenewTech held their annual renewable energy conference and exhibition in Mumbai this year opposed to 2009 and 2010 events being held in Pune. I am somewhat tired of attending the many conferences on renewable energy right from Solarcon, InterSolar, DIRECT and the numerous others held time-to time across India.  So I just visited the exhibition on 19th Feb.

The exhibition was slightly disappointing with just a few exhibitors (less than 30); with a couple of new names in the Indian market. General Carbon had a booth but I did not see Dr.Babu or Mr.Kashyap.  Enfinity was also present but could not find Chris Prengels.

Nevertheless it was nice meeting Madhavan from EAI. We have been in touch over the last few months on phone and email. So a meeting and discussion was pending.

I am not sure how the conference went. Overall nothing new and exciting for me.

Meanwhile it will be interesting to note the increase in the number of clean tech conferences in India over the last 2 years; with few doing well and few failing. Looks like we will have an overdose of clean tech events just like we have been subjected to overdose of cricket (The World Cup this year will be followed by the IPL. Whatever be the case; we still wish the Indian Cricket Team great success this world cup).

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One Response to RenewTech 2011

  1. milind joshi says:

    Yes, you rightly said.. back to back events won’t yield much mileage.
    I think some breaks are necessary.

    However, looking forward to your update on budget !


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