European Solar EPC & Module manufacturer entering India

Solar King is a group of companies engaged in the development of solutions that are applicable in the renewable energy sector, and has become a benchmark in terms of product quality.

Solar King is a pioneer in the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules and other photovoltaic components and is involved in every link of the supply chain from silicon purification to comprehensive system design and installation.

Its international presence and the diversification of business activities towards other renewable energy sources give it a greater know-how, greater independence and a solid business model. The quality of products and services has led to open subsidiaries in the US, Italy, France, Germany and to obtain international recognition.

The firm commitment to R&D allows Solar King to reduce costs and permanently improve efficiency. It also enables them to improve our existing products and develop  new technologies in the renewable energy field.

Photovoltaic Sector:

Solar King has a presence in various parts of the value chain of the photovoltaic sector through its structure of companies focused on each area of business.

  1. Silicon
  2. Design and manufacturing of machinery
  3. Manufacturing of PV modules
  4. Manufacturing of Power Inverters
  5. Installation Engineering
  6. Project Management and Promotion

The vertical integration of Solar King allows the company to have an independent role within the photovoltaic market and to improve competitiveness in terms of cost and quality.

Competitive Advantage:

  1. Integration in the photovoltaic sector’s value chain
  2. In house silicon production
  3. Rigorous production quality
  4. Scalable production capacity
  5. International experience in the sector with landmark projects

International Presence:

  1. Europe:  Spain, France, Germany, Italy,
  1. USA

Solar King Numbers:

Revenue > 500 million euros

Employees ~ 1000

Production Capacity > 250 MW

Installed Power Plants > 200MW

Solar King is currently looking to enter the Indian market and is interested in:

  1. EPC tie-up.
  2. Starting a solar module manufacturing unit in India and looking for partners.


Bharat Vasandani

Handphone: 0091-9820789895

Location: Mumbai

Email id:

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