Solar Financing for 1,2 and 5MW

Many solar farm developers are looking for debt financing or equity financing to start work on their solar projects.

The banks are still not very comfortable with solar projects and looking at balance sheet funding. In this scenario, what is the best that can be done to quickly raise money, and complete project on time.

We offer 100% equity solar funding for 1, 2, and 5MW (project dependent)  to complete the project within the deadline, save penalties and then refinance the project through non-recourse bank debt (hopefully Indian banks will be able to finance on the project and not on balance sheet after project completion).

Contact: Bharat Vasandani / 0091-9820789895 (Mumbai).

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One Response to Solar Financing for 1,2 and 5MW

  1. sanjay senjaliya says:

    very good information in your blog for new businesman who are intrested in R.E.,i am also interested in this business but i have no sufi. knoledge so if you can guied me,i am abale to do this business. Thankyou


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