Karnataka Solar Policy

The Karnataka State Government has come out with their Solar Policy following the draft of the policy few months back:


Some of the main points of the Policy that comes into effect from 1st July 2011 to 31st March 2011 includes:

1.  200MW to be installed till 2016 where the power will be purchased by the ESCOMs.

The 200MW will be added as per the following schedule:

2011-12 : 40MW

2012-13 : 40MW

2013-14 : 40MW

2014-15 : 40MW

2015-16 : 40MW

2. The minimum capacity shall be of 3MW and the maximum capacity of 10MW per project for solar PV and 5MW for solar thermal.

3. Power evacuation shall be through 11kV and above voltage.

4. The projects will be allocated through a competitive bidding process just like the NVVN process.

5. Captive solar power plants are not included in the 200MW target.

6. Sale to third party under the open access system is possible with the wheeling charges.

6. Under the REC scheme, the policy limits the projects to 100MW with the power to be sold to the ESCOMs at the pooled cost of power purchase.

7. 50MW is reserved for Central and State Government for setting up solar power projects to be bundled with thermal power from outside the State. This 50MW is in addition to the 200MW.

8.  0.25% of total power procured by ESCOMs’ to be sourced from solar; the shortfall to be made good with purchase of RECs.

9. The CDM benefits will mostly be shared; details to come up in bidding document.

10. Eligibility conditions also to be specified in the bidding documents.






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