5th Renewable Energy Expo in Delhi

I attended the 5th Renewable Energy Expo in Delhi from 10th-12th August 2011. The expo was much bigger than last year with more than 550 exhibitors. Again (as last year) most of the exhibitors were from the solar industry and few from wind, biomass and supporting businesses.

What was surprising was the presence of many Chinese solar companies. The event was dominated by foreign companies; with many companies using the event to gain a better understanding of the Indian market.

I had an opportunity for a long discussion with Dr.Shi, Founder & Chairman of SunTech Power and a 2 minute chat with Mr.Deepak Gupta, secretary MNRE. Deepak Gupta said that NVVN has taken the Phase I as a learning exercise and will make the relevant changes in the upcoming solar bidding process.

I also met Anish from Chemtrols Solar and it looks like they have started work on their 1st solar project- 1MW in Gujarat. Meanwhile JJPV Solar from Rajkot and Sahaj Solar from Surat are the new entrants in the industry with a module manufacturing unit. Wishes for Ritesh Parikh and Sandip Patel; the two entrepreneurs of Sahaj Solar. I have visited their office and spoken to them in detail. The company is looking forward to make a mark in the industry.

Some other friends included InSolare team- working on a 5MW in Gujarat and Kalyan Meduri from Schneider Electric- displaying their new inverter technology, and Sachin Agarwal from Shreeji Group.

Apologies to people I could not meet- Mr.Khandwala from Photonix, Mr.Kulkarni from KK Nesar, Vineet from Panchbuta (we did meet but could not have a detailed meeting), Sai Sudhir Energy team, and AWS team (again Markus and I had a quick meet).

Meanwhile Schott Solar initiated the concept of small networking party after the long day of expo at InterSolar in Germany. The initiative was repeated at Delhi with a good band and some great snacks & drinks.

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3 Responses to 5th Renewable Energy Expo in Delhi

  1. URVISH DAVE says:

    Dear Mr. Bharat,

    It was pleasure meeting with you at the 5th Renewable Expo 2011. Meanwhile it would be great if you can throw some light on the current status of the EPC projects in Gujarat and NVVN.

    Also looking forward and waiting to read a new article which you mentioned you are writing on EPC of Solar Projects and its Financing.

    Looking forward to hear from you in this respect.

    Best Regards,
    Urvish Dave


    • Yes Urvish, I am writing on solar epc tie-ups. All this is from my own experience over the last 1.5 yrs where I have worked on 2 such deals- P2 & Photonix and then Alfa & Soleg.

      Meanwhile please let know what exactly you are looking for ” current status of the EPC projects in Gujarat and NVVN”.


      • Urvish Dave says:

        Dear Mr. Bharat,

        Thank you for your reply. Yes I am certainly looking towards the “current status of the EPC projects under Gujarat policy and NVVN scheme “. Also it would be my pleasure if you can take some time out from your busy schedule for a small meeting in Mumbai.

        Urvish Dave


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