NVVN first batch Phase I of JNNSM

Recently during the 5th Renewable Energy Expo in New Delhi,  Shri Deepak Gupta, Secretary MNRE announced that NVVN has informed MNRE that all solar developers from first batch of Phase I have achieved financial closure.  This excludes 2 projects that were canceled.

I find it somewhat tough to believe that all projects could achieve financial closure. With couple of IREDA projects still looking at funding; I am sure there would still be some NVVN projects that are looking at financial closure.

Any opinion / on-ground feedback welcome.

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One Response to NVVN first batch Phase I of JNNSM

  1. Mohit says:

    hi, I recently had a talk with a large international project developer who said that they are still getting requests for equity participation from projects in the NSM. Therefore, I too am rather skeptical of that fact that all projects have attained financial closure. I am with a business consulting firm called BRIDGE TO INDIA and our sense so far has been that not more than 100MW of 150MW of PV could have attained financial closure. Your thoughts?


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