NVVN’s bidding for 2nd Batch Phase I

NVVN’s second batch of Phase I saw bids go below Rs.8 per unit. This was shocking for an instance.

Soliare Direct from France turned to be the lowest bidder with a tariff of Rs.7.49 per unit. I will try and speak to Gaurav Sood to understand their plans.

Sai Sudhir went in for a bid of 20MW. I spoke to them in September and then met them in Hyderabad  during Solarcon. They do have some major plans. Wishing them great luck.

Attached is the excel sheet with the list of bidders, the MW capacity and the bidding price.

Special thanks to Vineet for providing much of the info here and so late in the night.


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3 Responses to NVVN’s bidding for 2nd Batch Phase I

  1. Oyeta936 says:

    We will perhaps see a new set of dynamics play out in the RE arena. If 7.49 could be a direction towards new pragmatism or reckless adventure. Lets see what comes first.


  2. Chandresh says:

    Hi ,

    Any idea on who r these symphony vyapara and jackson power ?? nevere heard of their name ?


  3. Bhargav says:

    symphony vyapara is Vikram Solar & Jackson Power is their business Partner


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