Extension for Gujarat Solar Projects

I have just heard that Gujarat Solar projects have been given a 28 days extension period- till 28th Jan 2011 to commission their projects that were supposed to be completed by 31st Dec 2011.

This extension will ofcourse benefit companies that are already involved in construction stage and nearing completion.

Companies still working out land and financing issues may as well start renegotiating with banks and investors taking into account the new tariff.

Suprisingly there are few projects that were invested in recently (2-3 weeks back). These are bigger projects and I was initially involved with these projects from the investor’s side. The premium has dropped down drastically now and the project has changed hands nearly 4 times now.

If this deadline (after extension) is strictly adhered to then the future projects will benefit with the pressure and government seriousness weighing on the promoters.





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