RuDiCON 2012

I attended the day 2 of RuDiCON at Mumbai on 19th Jan 2012. Day 2 was focused on business models and technology with speakers from various areas of value chain of the power business.

Husk Power’s CEO Mr.Gyanesh Pandey was there detailing the business model of Husk and the plans ahead. Having laid the foundation in Bihar, the company could be looking at expanding in other areas of the country through a new concept in power generation- franchisee model. Another area of focus could be captive generation for business houses and SMEs. I had my first interaction with Gyanesh in early 2011 when I was part of the advisory team at UnLtd India looking at investing in cleantech start-ups.

Another known face was Mr.Modak, Executive President, EMC (Environment Management Center). I met him the first time in 2011 Jan at MET(Bandra) conference  where we both were speakers on climate change.  Mr.Modak has been a prominent face in the environment change space advocating the change in attitude needed from us. I am looking forward to having a detailed discussion with him sometime soon.

Yet another known person was Dr.Rangan Banerjee from IIT, Bombay. It is always a learning experience while talking to him. Our first interaction was during the IIT+Applied Materials event at IIT Bombay on December 12, 2011. Looking forward to meet him again  at IIT on 30th Jan 2012.  Dr.Banerjee spoke on the off-grid potential and the challenges in India and the application of hybrid systems (wind and solar) in the country.

A presentation on off-grid market was done by GreenEnergy, a part of GTL. Mr.Desai, MD, GreenEnergy was present. I have known Mr.Desai since the last one year where we have interacted on some wind and solar projects. Looks like they have started focusing on off-grid market also.

Miss Svati Bhogle, CEO, TIDE, showcased a case study on a cleantech project done by TIDE in rural India by including the women from villages. The project has been well received and TIDE could look at replicating this across India; keeping in mind the different challenges each village/location brings.

Overall a good learning experience at RuDiCON and a special thank you to Miss Kiran Nanda for extending me a special invitation. Unfortunately, I could not meet her but would certainly like to meet her soon and thank her.

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One Response to RuDiCON 2012

  1. way2solar says:

    Thank you Mr. Bharat, inspite of not being present over there, i got the gist of the event.


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