Windpro Event at Coimbatore

We, Energetica India, attended the Windpro Conference and Event “The 3rd International Wind Conference and Exhibition (3rd WE20 by 2020).

The exhibition saw Gamesa launching their 2MW turbine which was inaugurated by Dr.Farooq Abdullah. The 2MW is designed to also work during gusts of wind which results in power cut-off of similar turbines. It was nice speaking to Venkatesan, the business analyst from Gamesa to get more insight into the turbine features.

Dr.Abdullah spoke on the close of day I of the event and it was great listening to him. He spoke from heart and discussed everyday matters more than the energy sector.

The next day we saw a very different Farooq Abdullah who inaugurated the conference and  spoke on what future outlook MNRE had for the wind industry. The removal of the tax incentive was discussed and Dr.Adbullah confirmed that MNRE will not reconsider this decision.  He also said that India wants power equipments & turbines & panels to be manufactured in India and the Indian industry should look at indigenous manufacturing in the long term.

The discussion with Acciona team (Glen, MD; Prashant, Projects Director; and Rajnish, CFO) was very fruitful and insightful. We did discuss the REC concept, private PPAs in the wind sector, the land challenges and the forecasting /scheduling plan required by SEBs. Acciona is doing some good work in the wind industry and may consider other technologies / business models soon.

We also launched our first Live Update. The live update was very well appreciated by companies and also by the Indian Wind Power Association (IWPA) and World Wind Energy Association. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both; especially Mr.Dwivedi and Mr.Shanker from IWPA.

A good event showcasing the challenges in the wind industry- land, delayed payments from Discoms / SEBs, RECs tariff for 5 years and the forecasting/scheduling of generation.

Got a very good insight into the industry.



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