Ontario Smart Grid Study Tour

Well if you are wondering where I have disappeared; with no blog posts recently, then here it is. I am just completing my study tour on smart grid and renewable energy in Ontario, Canada.

The study tour has taken a lot of my last couple of weeks. It included understanding the focus and the goals of Ontario State’s smart grid and renewable energy policies.

It was great meeting the ministers from the Energy Ministry and the Economic Development Ministry. We also visited companies involved in the smart grid industry in Ontario- IBM, General Electric, HydroOne, Powerstream, Aztec, Enabala, Kingston University and MaRS.  The tour had delegates from UK, USA, China, Japan, Germany, France and India.

Ontario State is moving towards smart grid and distribution companies in the State are working on implementing projects after smaller pilot projects and learning gained from pilot projects. It will be very insightful to compare smart grid work in Ontario State and in India.

As expected, there are challenges that need to be worked out before smart grid reaches its potential in the State.

Technology innovation in the industry is the driving factor. Many companies with new products/concepts are working on pilot projects in Canada and some progressive companies are looking to expand in emerging markets such as India.

I also had an opportunity to meet two solar IPP companies that are looking at the Indian market.

Next week, we have the CSP Today event in New Delhi and I will be there from 14th to 16th March 2012.

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