Solar Future: India II

It was good attending the Solar Future:India II conference in Jaipur on 29th Feb 2012. It was my first experience with SolarPlaza, the organizers and I must say that the learning and networking was quite useful.

We had RREC speaking on the factors that attract solar developers to Rajasthan- good irradiation, supportive government, more sunny days, available land.

Ms.Venu from GETCO spoke on Gujarat attractions for solar developers. It was surprising to know that there are no solar thermal projects in Gujarat.

Vishal Shah from Deutsche Bank said that they expect solar module prices dropping slightly more in this year but then reaching a stabilization point in another 6-8 months.

It was nice meeting Jigar Shah after all these email exchanges. Jigar was quite upbeat about solar potential in India. He brought to notice: Mr.Sushil Kumar Shinde had announced at Copenhagen that India will not be able to supply grid electricity across India to all the villages and so distributed energy model is the key for India.

Solar Off-Grid is catching up and it looks like we will soon see a lot more focus on the off-grid market. Companies are now looking at new business models, new financial structuring to take advantage of increasing electricity rates and need for more energy.

Overall the conference was very good; providing great insights into the thought process of industry leaders. Will recommend SolarPlaza conferences.

Unfortunately I could not stay back for dinner. I am sure that would have also been interesting.

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