Lack of awareness proving to be an obstacle in Solar Projects

Recently I came across a very new hurdle in solar rooftop installation in a school in Maharashtra.

A friend was looking to offer OPEX model to a school. The school was happy to know that they will not be spending a huge up-front costs on the installation and all O&M will be done by the installer/investor.

But after few days, the school management started asking questions on how will the investor gain/earn if they spend for the panels and installation. They found it fishy that an investor is willing to spend so much money on the panels for the school and also offer competitive electricity rates.

Since the school management was not aware of solar energy, the related policies and on-ground realities, they thought that they are being fooled. Also what was not helping was the fact that none of their other colleagues/other nearby schools had heard about such a service.

The conclusion was that inspite of being offered an opex model and the option to look at other similar installations, the school team decided to wait for some more time before taking a decision.

Honestly speaking, this was un-expected. We all, from the solar industry, are so aware of the technology and the advantages/disadvantages, that we forgot about the existence of another world where solar is unheard of.

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5 Responses to Lack of awareness proving to be an obstacle in Solar Projects

  1. shivali Thakar says:

    In that case Mr. Bharat, we need to create lots of awareness amongst other sections of the society.


  2. I agree Shivali. And I would have been quite ok had this kind of reaction been on a capex plan. But such reaction on Opex plan was totally out-of-the-blue.


  3. Good Post.
    I agree with you Bharat, At present, only 1% of homes in the United States have solar panels installed, but there are many technologies being developed and refined that should increase the total amount of solar energy production.

    Lack of awareness is the main reason!!!

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  4. PS says:

    For roof top systems less than 100KWp which are connected to the grid only synchronize the inverter are they eligible for capital subsidy of 30%.


  5. Off-grid projects upto 100kWp are eligible for subsidy.


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