Solar Summit 2012

Renewable Energy EVENTS space does not seem to slow down. And companies are confused because each event seems to be different from the other. And then most of the events also clash.

Earlier in March, we had REnergy 2012 at Chennai. This was important event for the wind industry because most of the wind farms are based in Tamil Nadu. Solar companies found this important because Tamil Nadu is expected to come out with its solar policy soon.

Also the event was an initiative from the government. So the industry had to be there.

Now we have Power-Gen in Delhi from 19-21st April. At the same dates, we have Solar Summit 2012 (at Gandhinagar) which has Gujarat State Government’s blessings.

Looks like the solar industry will skip Power-Gen and be at the Solar Summit. Most of the solar developers will be present here. Following them will be the EPC and Module manufacturers. And then the others will follow- consultants, BoS players, etc.

Similarly, at the end of the year, InterSolar and the 6th Renewable Energy Expo are clashing. The latter is at Delhi and the former in Mumbai.

This trend of big events happening at the same time will need to end for events to be successful. Companies have also started focusing on niche and smaller events where they can get good business inquiries instead of using the event only as a brand building exercise.

I am in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar from 18th to 21st April. Reachable on 0091-9820789895.

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4 Responses to Solar Summit 2012

  1. Madhavan says:


    The week after the Gujarat event, there is the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress(25-27 April) at Delhi( ). Then there are the two back to back conferences in Delhi in July and August by PV-Insider( and ). Solarcon 2012 in Bangalore will take place a month later. It is good to have choices, isn’t it? In my opinion, the conferences are slowly turning niche and perhaps in 2013, the delegates will know which conference suits them the best.


  2. These are just too many events and we will see the consequences with a few failing soon; unless they bring in some value addition.


    • way2solar says:

      Exactly, Mr. Bharat. Such types of events should be strategically arranged, so that participants can make complete use of it(no over lapping). Secondly, these events should also be organized at various locations, other than Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi.
      Thirdly, speakers or representatives of the companies should be available online before the events & can be asked question which they can answer during the events.


  3. Yes I agree that overlapping of events do not help anyone…since the main developers and EPC players are located in the big cities,the events are held there. Good infrastructure also helps.

    I think CSP Today had an online seminar before the CSP Today 2012 event. So that was good. But I am not sure if the questions asked were answered.

    Sometimes I find it odd that companies spend money on sponsorship of events but due to lack of understanding or interest, are not able to take complete advantage of getting close to their potential clients.


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