Solar Park Visit

I had my first experience of Gujarat’s Solar Park on 19th April 2012. The Solar park is around 3.5 hours from Gandhinagar. The drive was good w.r.t roads and the traffic.

The entire function organized by the State attracted not only foreign delegates, Indian solar professionals but also villagers whose life is being effected by Gujarat’s growing solar plans.

Mr.Modi dedicated Gujarat’s 600MW to the Nation. He said that the Government is looking at promoting solar rooftop policy in the State and also will encourage solar-wind hybrid projects. But no timeline was given for the rooftop policy. Meanwhile, there was no announcement on the 3rd Phase Solar Policy as many had expected.

I spoke to couple of developers and it looks like many are waiting for their first installment of money for energy sold to the State. Hoping this does not turn out to be another Tamil Nadu wind story.

Many small and medium solar companies are looking at off-grid solar projects. Companies are getting tired of government’s interference in the on-grid space. Policies, reverse bidding, smaller margins, cut throat competition in the on-grid space is not helping.

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3 Responses to Solar Park Visit

  1. Sameer Bhambhani says:

    Gujarat is supportive to all forms of power generation even though it is power surplus.The key initiatives taken by our honourable CM are praiseworthy as Renewable Energy could be a major source of energy provider in the near future


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  3. Yes Gujarat Government is supporting renewable energy and is currently among the few healthy states w.r.t. power generation.


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