Solar Summit 2012: Gandhinagar

I am back from the 3 days of Solar Summit 2012 at Gandhinagar. The first day 19th April saw us delegates visiting the solar park, some 200kms from Gandhinagar.

20th and 21st April saw the conference and the exhibition. There were around 40 -45 stalls at the exhibition from Juwi, Lanco, Insolare, Bergen, Webel, JJ PV, Emerson, Enertech, Green Brillance, etc. Energetica India was the media partner.

The seminar focused on the same topics of land, technology, policy, finance in the solar sector. Companies expecting some policy announcement or some roadmap for the future went back disappointed.

The State Government did talk about the rooftop policy but no framework or roadmap was given. So with Phase I and Phase II nearly done with, there no seems to be a break in  Gujarat’s on-grid solar market. Some 300MW solar power plants are still not commissioned and EPC players and developers would be keen to take this ahead. Not sure how exactly this will work in terms of buyouts/investments, etc. The State looks like is willing to extend deadlines for these projects. So we still have a market of 300MW in Gujarat.

Companies in Gujarat are now looking at REC model and captive / private rooftop projects.

With no new projects at JNNSM and in Gujarat, the focus will now shift to Rajasthan’s 50MW and Karnataka’s solar policy. But these are currently slow moving. Developers are now looking at different business models to expand solar business.

The State did talk about the focus of solar in 5 Gujarat cities including Gandhinagar. I am not sure of the other 4 names. If someone has the names or the link to the website mentioning the names, please share that with us.

It was nice to finally meet Nilesh Patel from Movya after our numerous discussions on phone and email. You will soon see Mr.Patel’s blog on Energetica India. It was also great meeting Rajesh Bhat and Udayadittya Shome from Juwi India.

The entire team of InSolare from Bangalore was also there. Hemanshu and Sunit were proudly presenting InSolare’s first EPC project in Gujarat- 5MW.

Overall a decent event but not upto the mark. The market suddenly has seemed to have slowed down in Gujarat on the on-grid side. New opportunities and business models are being discussed.

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2 Responses to Solar Summit 2012: Gandhinagar

  1. JIGNESH SHAH says:

    The 5 Prospective Solar cities in Gujarat identified other than gandhinagar are Surat,rajkot,vadodara,Bhavnagar and mehsana as announced in the summit


  2. Thank You Jignesh. Any idea as to where this can lead to w.r.t market potential for solar?


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