We turn TWO

The Blog “Bharat Vasandani’s Blog” turns TWO yrs old.

I thank you all for the tremendous support received during the last two years.  The journey has been a quite like a hill ride with its own Ups and Downs. I remember the days when we had just 2-4 readers per day.  From there to the current count of nearly 70-80 readers a day; it’s gives a sense of giving back to the industry.

The blog started with the thought of sharing my every day experience in the renewable energy from the ground. Never knew how the 2 years flew by.

I look forward to continuing my writing and sharing my experiences with all readers. I hope to receive the same support and encouragement as before. Meanwhile, please feel free to share your feedback.

New ideas/opinions are most welcome.

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10 Responses to We turn TWO

  1. JIGNESH SHAH says:

    Congratulations.we look forward to the ever interesting and informative articles posted on your blog.


  2. Rohit Singhi says:

    I have very recently started following your updates. I am a final year Automobile engineering student, a green mobility enthusiast. Anything and everything related to renewable energy and alternate sources of energy interests me. Although in India its a very slow movement, but wish to a part of this awareness and would love to contribute to it.


  3. Hello Jignesh and Rohit,
    Thanks for the support.

    Rohit, feel free to contribute your thoughts/opinions on this blog or on http://www.energetica-india.net
    You can send in the contributions on bharatvasandani@gmail.com


  4. Madhavan says:

    Happy Birthday, Bharath’s blog 🙂 Wishing you even more success in the future!!


  5. panchabhutha says:

    Congrats Bharat.


  6. Thank You Madhavan and Vineet


  7. Samir says:

    Congrats Bharat on turning two


  8. lalit says:

    i congratulate Mr. Bharat for his efforts..
    though i have just started following Energetica since 3 months and found more then worth reading..


  9. Hello Mr.Lalit,
    The blog is 2 years old; the media company Energetica has been around for more than 10 years in Europe and now 2 years in India….
    I am really happy that you like to read our work…

    It will be great to know more about you and your company.


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