Feedback from EU PVSEC 2012

EU PVSEC 2012 was my first experience at this event. The event was from 24-28th September at Frankfurt, Germany

From what I heard and saw, the event, like every other solar event in the world, experienced a drop in exhibitors compared to last year. The event was spread over 2 large halls and was focused more on the technology side.

Only 3 Indian companies had a booth there; Tata Solar and Surana Ventures and ofcourse Energetica India. It was nice to finally meet  Mr.Narendra Surana after our emails and phone discussions.

The event was an occasion to see the rise of China in Solar. The event had many booths belonging to Chinese solar companies who were trying to get a pie of whatever is left of the European solar market. Most of the Chinese booths were huge and had an European Sales Manager.

Discussions with experts pointed to the fact that Germany will still do 1GW or more in 2012 but things are not looking so promising from 2013. Spain, Italy and Portugal are not considered as major markets for 2013 and onwards.

Companies have now started looking at Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa to maintain growth level.

The discussions, as expected, also steered towards the threat of Chinese companies for European solar manufacturing. This has made the European companies looking to move upwards in the value chain. One interesting innovation was technology to clean solar panels.

A goldsmith there had made Jewellery from used solar panels; an interesting use of solar.

Some experts also pointed out that the few of the Chinese solar companies have also started feeling the heat and 2013 may not turn out to be as lucrative for Chinese solar manufacturing as the previous years.

Companies from Middle East have also started entering the fray now and most of SMEs  from Middle East are working with European technology partners.



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2 Responses to Feedback from EU PVSEC 2012

  1. It would be a good idea for Energetica to come out with a report on How many German / European companies were established since 2007 for Solar and how many have made an exit and how many are sitting on loss. The same yard stick shall then be extended to USA, China, India (who go IPO benefit, but, no contribution to INDIAs GDP despite Domestic Content clause). It shall also cover the PV and CSP. This shows the dotcom bust like scenario without much technology improvement as the money for R & D is very difficult to extract from the existing large players…

    After this report, one must focus on rearrangement, re alliance, merger, regrouping opportunities for mutual benefits so that expertise can be best utilised for the sustainability with growth along with good policy formulation support. Small companies will contribute more in Rural area due to Solar PVs best suitability and low margin business plan.


  2. One interesting note that we exchanged during EU PVSEC was that maybe one solar factory in China will equal the entire solar production of panels from India….maybe this helps in understanding the current scenario of Indian solar manufacturing


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