InterSolar India 2012 and the 6th Renewable Energy Expo

This week was a very hectic week for India’s renewable energy industry especially India’s solar industry with two major events in the same week- InterSolar in Mumbai and Renewable Energy Expo in Greater Noida.

The InterSolar India 2012 started on 5th Nov and the first day of the conference was quite good with Mr. Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Mr.Sunil Gupta, Global Head of Technology & CleanTech at Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore, Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, President, European Photovoltaic Industry Association, Belgium and Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman Solar Energy Corporation of India & Solar Energy Research Advisory Council (JNNSM).

Some very interesting points were:

1. Mr.Sunil Gupta said that no one is earning money in Solar and this has to stop for the industry to reach a sustainable stage.

2. Mr.Tarun Kapoor spoke of the upcoming Phase II of JNNSM where the government will be looking at solar manufacturing in India, the net metering concept and the RECs for off-grid projects

InterSolar saw the debut of Ikaros from Belgium. Mr.Ramakant, a close friend, is handling the operations there and we wish him great luck in India.

InSolare was there with Sunit and Himanshu and we are looking forward to work with them in the coming year. Please wait for the news to be announced.

SolarWorld was there and based on our discussions, the event went quite well for them.

Chemtrols,  Siemens and Sgurr Energy has booths at both InterSolar and REI. So did Energetica India. It was nice meeting Anish from Chemtrols and Arif from Sgurr.

Compared to previous years, the InterSolar expo this year had more quality crowd with people coming with definite objectives.

An interesting debut for Energetica India’s Video Adverts, PR Campaign for Power SMEs and Article Sponsorship. This was very well received and we look forward to continue innovating with new services for the industry.

On 8th morning, I went to REI. The event saw much lesser wind players participating compared to 2011. Maybe because the wind industry will be concentrating on a focused wind event in Chennai from 28-30 Nov.

REI had a long list of Chinese solar companies participating; I estimate around 25-30% of the booths came from China.

We also saw an encouraging sight for the industry; a few solar SMEs debuting there with booths.

It was a pleasure to meet Mr.Vyas from International Marketing Corporation, Spire guys, Mr.Benz and Sriram from Orelikon, Centrotherm team, Bihag from Sgurr, Intertek team,  and Emmvee.

Overall a good week to meet new people and re-connecting with the industry.

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