German Solar Company looking to outsource Solar Designs

A German Solar Consultancy Company is looking at Indian partners/companies/individuals to design BASIC CAD plans and execute PVsys analysis for MW parks.

Basic means without cabeling, roads or any detailed engineering, because the plans are used in the presales phase for the communication with potential clients.

Inclination, orientation, radiation, module type and inverter type and location are all defined, same as the row to row distance and capacity.

Individuals/Companies interested can send an email to

Attached is a sample of expected work:

Layout _Tilt 20_pitch 6.5_2100kW_02; Sample

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4 Responses to German Solar Company looking to outsource Solar Designs

  1. abdelhalim says:



  2. If this Company (Gehrlicher Germany not INDIA) wants to establish their Nominated and exclusive sub contract Engineering and Project Management office with out sourcing in INDIA on cost plus basis, we can create a facility for them (at Vadodara) with minimum off take hours so that their contracts in INDIA or abroad can find a smooth completion. Later our unit can become their Indian subsidiary or JV company……refer


  3. Dear Praveen,
    The company is not Gehrlicher….I did not give this name.


  4. we are from Kolkata. we are interested for this kind of job. contact us samrat Banerjee 09007059478


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