India Wind Power 2012

The Industry saw the India Wind Power 2012 event in Chennai from 28th to 30th November 2012.

The event had the usual names: Suzlon, Gamesa, Inox, WinWind, RRB but what was more interesting was the support companies that have come up to assist these Integrated Wind Players.

There was Exxon Mobil, SKF, Garrad Hassan, RPG, etc. The market is moving towards a stage where the industry will see more new companies entering the wind space but in a focused and niche area.

Vestas as expected was not there.


I have also noticed since the last 2-3 events, that Suzlon always takes the first stall from the entrance to the event hall. I recently saw this at REI, New Delhi and again at the Wind Power India 2012, Chennai. So the plan is simple: be visible to everyone who comes in the hall.


Dr.Farooq Abdullah came to inaugurate the session and it was again interesting to see him speak. Dr.Abdullah made it clear that the government does want the wind industry to go on its pace as a sustainable sector. The question of Accelerated Depreciation (AD) coming back is not on the table.

He was told by the industry that the wind installations in the Country has fallen down in 2012 compared to 2010 and 2011 and the trend is expected to continue with stiff market, not so easy funding solutions, and the removal of AD incentive.

Another interesting discussion was Tamil Nadu Government’s Solar Policy. The wind players are of the belief that when the State has not paid the wind farms on time or given them preference; then why is the State pushing more expensive power from Solar and also providing Letter of Credit to solar developers?

It was insightful talking to few players and the way the sales cycle is working these days in India’s Wind Industry.

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