Your Opinion on Tamil Nadu Solar Policy

The Tamil Nadu Government initiated the Tamil Nadu Solar Policy in October 2012. Following the announcement and the interest, a Consultant Meeting was held on 23th November 2012 in Tamil Nadu where the Officials from TANGEDCO(Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company) met the interested Solar Developers and clarified the Policy.


Attached is the brief of the clarification from the Consultation Meet.


Energetica India presents an opportunity for Solar Professionals to voice their opinion on the policy meet.


Please send your comments to by 3pm- 8th Dec 2012.


Tamil Nadu Solar Meet PDF

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One Response to Your Opinion on Tamil Nadu Solar Policy

  1. Tamil Nadu is committed to leading the country by generating 3000 MW of Solar Power by 2015 through a policy conducive to promoting solar energy in the state. This Government headed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalalitha, intends to make Solar Energy a people’s movement just as it did earlier in the case of Rain Water Harvestig.


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