Live Update from “Solar Energy Investment & Technology Forum”

After doing 3 LIVE PRINT Updates for some renewable energy events in India, we move to the 4th such session, the “Solar Energy Investment & Technology Forum” in Coimbatore.


Readers are invited to join my colleague Sharada Balasubramanian on 9th April at 9.30am on :–technology-forum-


Energetica India, the Official Magazine Partner, of the Conference “Solar Energy Investment and Technology Forum”  focusing on “Implications of Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012” will cover the event LIVE (PRINT UPDATE).


Learn about the Implications of Tamil Nadu Solar Policy from your Office/Home as we bring the discussions to your computer screen; on 9th April 2013; from Coimbatore.


Log-in by 9.30am at:–technology-forum-




1. Understanding the electricity demand/ supply gap in Coimbatore and evaluate using solar energy to overcome the current challenges in electricity inadequacy; Swaminathan Krishnamurthy, Associate Director, Ernst & Young


2. Clarifying the regulatory aspects with respect to Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO) under ‘Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012’


3. Identifying the various financing options available for solar energy project to overcome the challenges faced in terms of investments


4.  Panel Discussion: Overcoming challenges faced by the industry on implementation of ‘Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012’

a.  K Venkatachalam, Chief Advisor, Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association (TASMA)

b.  Invited speaker from Southern India Mills Association

c.   Invited speaker from Coimbatore Jewellery Association

      d.  Invited speaker from Engineering Association



5. Understanding the feasibility on generating solar energy for industrial purpose to plan the solar power sourcing for your company



6. Case Study: Energy use patterns in off-grid



7. Case Study: Successful implementation of off-grid installation in industry




For Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunity at this unique green opportunity, please get in contact with Mr. Vikaran Chauhan, Sales Manager Energetica India;


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