CII-IGBC Green Building Meet; Mumbai Chapter

On 19th July, I had the opportunity to attend a meet of Mumbai Chapter of CII-IGBC; the focus being green buildings and new products. 

The conference was quite interesting with introduction to the current market trends of green building in Mumbai and some surrounding areas. 


It was nice meeting Mr.Jahangir Yar Khan, Joint President, Shree Ram Infrastructure, currently building Mumbai’s tallest tower of 66 floors. What was quite surprising to know about this construction was that Palais Royale will be India’s first LEED certified Platinum rated residential building. 

All the water will be treated up to drinking water standards with the help of latest technologies. The waste water will be treated, recycled and re-supplied to the building residents, keeping fresh water intake down to a minimum. Moreover, 100% rainwater falling on the building will be harvested which would help conserve 200 million liters of water per annum.

Palais Royale will have its own sewage treatment unit and on-site garbage treatment unit. All the wet waste from the building will be used to generate organic manure. Post occupancy, Palais Royale will manage and reduce 100% of the generated organic waste through an innovative vermi-compositive treatment system. Since no untreated sewage is going to be disposed, there will be no burden on the already stretched civic infrastructure of the city.


Also present was Mr. Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd. Pidilite has been focusing on green building products and one such has been  Low Energy Consumption (LEC) systems. Dr Fixit LEC is a green and sustainable waterproofing and insulation system for roofs and walls, based on a layered built up system that permanently water proofs roofs and walls from rain lash, hot and cold temperatures which in turn lead to high energy savings. 


The developers have also started understanding the significance of green buildings from an environment perspective and also from a commercial angle. The event showcased some upcoming green building projects in and around Mumbai. 


On the other side; I also met one real estate developer who is working on a green building project at the outskirts of Mumbai. The project has been under process for approvals from the concerned authorities and since the authorities are not aware of some of the green technologies proposed to be used in the project; the permissions have been delayed. 


Then another developer looking to build a G+2 structure at Shahpur had a challenge in terms of absence of policy / framework on the environment side of construction in this area.  


Overall an interesting session and some great insights. 







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One Response to CII-IGBC Green Building Meet; Mumbai Chapter

  1. It’s really great news for Mumbai because Palais Royale will be construct India’s first LEED certified Platinum rated residential building.


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