Renewable Energy Events in India

India over the last 2 years have witnessed an excess of renewable energy events across the country and we still see a new one coming in new areas. 


As a part of OmniMedia Group, I have participated in a lot of these events and coming out disappointed most of the time.  In some cases, there was nothing new to be spoken about nor was there a focus on helping sponsors and visiting delegates get some business opportunities. 


As in any crowded space; we expected consolidation here as well.  And it has happened. 


SEMI recently announced that it will no longer hold the Solarcon event from 2014. Earlier to that, the Gandhinagar Solar event got canceled in April 2013.

We will also see much lesser Wind focused events this year and maybe till the first half of the next year. 

In addition, a few events have postponed dates or changed location. 


Many will say that this was expected since most of the events or “more or less” similar and does not help bring anything new to the table. 


If we use the same logic, can we see something similar happening in India’s solar EPC services sector?

There are many solar EPC companies in India looking at bigger (MW) size projects, attending exhibitions, seminars, conferences to build relationship and hoping to bag some projects. 


Quite a few of them are struggling or beginning to feel the heat now.  

With monthly salaries to be paid, constant expectation of decreasing prices and pressure on margins, the path to sustain till they strike gold may not be easy for all. 

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