Some Recent Solar Updates

Bidders of Rooftop Solar PV Projects

MNRE has come out with the list of the successful companies that have won solar rooftop projects in different cities.

Some of the names include:

1. Photon Energy  Systems Limited

2. Jakson Engineers Limited

3. Lanco Solar  Energy Pvt. Ltd.

4.  Welspun Energy Limited

5. Azure Power India  Pvt. Ltd.

Cities include:

1. Bhubaneswar / Cuttack

2. Gurgaon

3. Hyderabad

4. Jaipur

5. Noida / Greater Noida

6. Raipur / Naya Raipur

Entire list in the pdf below (please click the link “Successful bidders rooftop”)


Entire list in the pdf below (please click the link “Successful bidders rooftop”)

Successful bidders rooftop



MNRE’s scheme on “Energy Efficient Solar/ Green Buildings”

MNRE has recently come out with a scheme to promote “Energy Efficiency and Green Buildings”.

The main objective of the scheme is to promote the widespread construction of energy efficient solar/ green buildings in the country through a combination of financial and promotional incentives, and other support measures so as to save a substantial amount of electricity and other fossil fuels apart from having peak load shavings in cities and towns.

The objective will be achieved by providing promotional incentives for the construction of green buildings for creating awareness by organizing workshops, seminars and training for engineers, planners, builders, architects, consultants, housing financing organizations and potential users and besides, for development of technical literature, compilation and publishing of documents related to solar/ green buildings and installation of renewable energy projects/systems in the green buildings.

The total budget of Rs. 10.00 crore has been allocated for implementation of the scheme during the year 2013-14 and rest of the 12th Plan period. This also includes meeting the pending liabilities.

The scheme will be implemented through State Nodal Agencies/ Municipal Corporations/ Govt. Bodies / reputed NGOs, technical institutions, professionals, consultants etc.


More details in the attached pdf

MNRE’s scheme on “Energy Efficient Solar/ Green Buildings”


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