Glass Buildings in Mumbai

Sustainability experts in India have raised concerns on the extensive use of glass buildings in India; most of which are a copy of western styles. They say that the Indian climate does not encourage glass buildings which require more cooling and extensive use of central air conditioners (energy guzzlers).

Recently the Churchgate Station building in Mumbai was redone in glass to replicate the look for railway tracks. The idea was to provide central air conditioning. But due to some reasons (read: high costs) the central air conditioning has not been put in place since the last 1.5-2 yrs.

This has led to the employees working in the building to complain about lack of proper ventilation which was an important feature of this 1956 built building.

The authorities are now trying to look at options where they may replace certain glass areas with air blowers.

A classic case of “sustainability” not being considered during retrofit and how it affects common man and everyday life.

It is time that people understand that climate change is not something that will occur thousands of miles away from their homes but the effect will be seen and felt in our everyday lives.

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