Government further boosts Cleantech Sector

India has suddenly received a boost to help further drive its cleantech sector with 2 recent announcements from the Government.

1. The first being the concept of 100 smart cities as envisaged in BJP’s poll manifesto. These cities are expected to use GIS (Geographic Information Systems)-based town planning, using the latest technology and infrastructure, integrated waste management and advanced transport system.


2. The second announcement was that India will implement code for energy saving, green buildings construction by 2017.

It may soon be mandatory for all state governments to implement by 2017 the minimum requirements for energy efficient design and construction set by the central government to meet the challenges of depleting resources, increased urbanisation and rapid construction.


I am sure this will encourage green buildings, solar rooftops, rain water harvesting, waste & water management, energy efficiency, smart meters, etc


Correct and Timely Implementation remains the Key.

After RPO and REC’s failure [I still don’t see this as a complete failure but yes it is currently a failure with obligated entities not keen to follow the rules]. I expect this concept to revive in the coming 2-3 yrs], it will be important for the government to show that they actually mean what they say.

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