US’s interests in India’s Renewable Energy Industry

Recently there was a lunch discussion on India’s renewable energy growth, challenges and the outlook with American Consul General Mr. Peter Haas.  There were 5 power professionals invited for the meet:

1.Mr. Prasad Modak, Dean IL&FS Academy for Applied Development and Chief Sustainability Officer at IL&FS

2. Mr. Anish Rajgopal from Chemtrols Solar

3. Mr. Anand Pattani. Vice President and Regional Director, EMEIA, energy business, Black & Veatch

4. Mr. D Radhakrishna from Deeaar Group

and myself


The meet focused on our thoughts on India’ renewable energy drivers and the challenges, the major growth areas and the how more relationships can be forged between India and USA in this sector.


The discussion cemented the fact that USA considers India as an important future growing market for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cleantech.


Looking forward to more such interactions with industry professionals.

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2 Responses to US’s interests in India’s Renewable Energy Industry

  1. The US has petitioned the WTC over a solar procurement policy dispute with India. It seems, what/how we want to buy cannot be decided by us!


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